We are the ATS Competence Center Team. For the last 25 years, our team has provided expert advice on integrating front-office peripherals in banking, retail and casino environments. Our ProAKT software is used by 75.000+ workstations around the world to control mission-critical devices. Many of the worlds leading financial institutions rely on our industry experience and proven software solution to drive their business forward.

Where we come from

Our core team has been together a long time. We started with the worlds first WOSA/XFS implementation back in 1992. In 1996, we introduced the first ProAKT solution on the market and in the 2000s grew to a worldwide number one position in the ATS multivendor software market. In 2008, we joined Wincor Nixdorf - first as a separate legal entity, later as part of a team based in HQ. And since October 1st, 2015 we are a separate, independent company again - ready for the future.

Where we want to go

Our mission is to provide world-class multi-vendor software solutions for front-office peripherals used by banks, retailers and casinos. We have long lasting customer relationships - our first ever customer is still our customer - and focus on product quality, time to market and cost effectiveness.

In the coming years we want to build on the strengths of our experience, our product and our position to bring exciting new ideas to the market.